Fast services low-volume PCBAs 

988 focus on low-volume electronics manufacturing services, if you have troubles for the assembly of a small batch of new design prototypes, or can not find a suitable supplier for the pilot-running of a new products, then come to us and try.
We are able to provide from the PCB layout design, PCB and components sourcing, SMT and through-hole soldering, board or system functional testing, kitting, packaging and shipping turnkey service, the customers with different demands could always be satisfied with the below one of our services:
PCB Assembly with parts provided by customers: Customers provide all the PCBs and all components, 988 provides fast PCB assembly service for SMT and through-hole parts soldering and other back-end services.
Components sourcing and PCB Assembly: Customers provide some specific components, 988 helps to source other components (including PCBs) and kitting materials. And then, according to customer’s delivery requirements, 988 completes the parts soldering, assembly, function testing, kitting, packaging and shipping services. Customers could save lots of resources and time.
Turnkey services: Customers provide the schematics, and then 988 could complete the PCB layout, PCB and components sourcing, soldering, assembly, function testing, kitting and shipping services.
Global shipping to the end user, real-time tracking management for whole shipping process.
 Customer zero-touch manufacturing process
No need for the users direct participation in production management, 988 provide a high-efficiency work mode for customers.
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