Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly  

It takes an average of 2 weeks for us to source and order all the parts required for a typical pcb assembly project.
Don't waste your time, we'll do it for you.
When completing a new design, you are faced with lots of challenges. Except the technical design issues, you also have to source the all parts to complete your PCB assembly. It requires you to go to multiple sources to purchase your parts and even track down samples which are hard to find. Our turn-key pcb assembly service frees you from the dilemma of sourcing parts, allowing you to focus on the other more important tasks.

Full PCB Assembly Turn-Key

With this full service way, 988 Assembly will source all your PCBs and components, handle the inventory, perform
fast turn PCB assembly via automated quality machine placement, and ship on time.

Partial PCB Assembly Turn-Key

Some customers prefer to provide their PCBs or choose components, that is fine to us. 988 Assembly is a flexible provider. Just provide all you have to us, and we will source the remaining parts. Then we could assemble your PCBs and ship them to you on time. Eliminate the hassles of coordinating multiple vendors, pieces and parts.
Place a purchase order and be done. You will get clean, exact PCB assemblies on time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Part Procurement Policy

For Full Turn-Key Orders:
988 Assembly will source components based on the BOM files proveded by customers.
All substitutions require customer approval.
For Partial Turn-Key Orders:
988 Assembly will source components and assemble orders based on the BOM files provided by customers or components provided in a consigned kit.
All substitutions require customer's approval.
Solder Paste:
988 Assembly uses Lead-free solder paste only.