988 Assembly was designed and developed to assemble low-volume pcbs in a week or less.It's our only focus and makes us the best pcb assembly partner for prototypes and small quantity orders. Here's why: 

There are three other options for pcb assembly:

1. Contract Equipment Manufactures (CEMs) - prefer large orders.

These large manufacturers prefer orders of 10,000 or more boards. When times are tough, they'll grudgingly agree to assembly smaller orders, but larger orders always take priority on the assembly floor. Smaller board quantities are fit in whenever there is extra time, resulting in extremely long turn-times and delays.

2. Board Fabrication Houses - not focused on assembly.

In recent years, struggling board houses have added assembly equipment to their shop floors in an attempt to make more money. These side-businesses get little attention and most shops don't even have the experience to run the equipment correctly. Customers that choose a board house to handle assembly are often frustrated with error-filled boards and have no one to turn to for assembly advice.

3. "Mom and Pop" Assembly Shops - error-prone due to hand assembly.

Think it's easier just to work with the shop down the street? Most small assembly shops haven't kept up with the technology available to accurately assemble boards in a timely manner. They usually resort to hand-assembling boards, which is extremely difficult as boards and parts get smaller and smaller. Hand-assembly is also very slow and adds an additional element of human-error to the process.

"988Assembly is 100% committed to serving customers who need small batches of boards machine-assembled exactly to their specifications. With the latest technology and employees with years of assembly experience, we are the only choice for low-volume pcb assembly."


988 Assembly is a better choice. With us as a partner you get:

Clean, Quality Boards.

After years of development, 988 of the assembly to create a complete set of small orders the operation of the touch type, so that we can quick and easy assembly of small orders. This unique technology and touch-type, can be accurately and reliably complete your PCB assembly orders to meet your exact specifications of the board and accurate delivery time.A Choice of Services.

A Choice of Services.

Every project and timeline is different. Sometimes you may just need pcb assembly, while other times you may need us to track down the parts for you. For this reason we offer a complete turn-key service, a kitted package or a combination of both. The bottom line is we are here to help in whatever capability you need.

Our Unique SMT Design & Assembly Verification Tool.

After four years of development, 988Assembly is proud to offer customers the ability to check your design before going to the manufacturing and pcb assembly process. This is a huge time saver and can catch 90% of pcb assembly errors before they start costing you money.

Assembled PCBs FAST.

We know that the pcb assembly process comes near the end of your production timeline. Many times delays have occurred at the beginning and you are now facing crunch time. We get it. That why we specialize in quick-turn pcb assembly. Our normal turn time is five days, but we can assembly and ship as quickly as next day, if you need it.

Assembly Service and Expertise.

We've built a reputation for helping our customers through every step of the pcb assembly process. From initial design questions, to part procurement to delivery, our team of assembly experts are available to assist at any time. Unlike some shops that try to streamline operations by avoiding phone calls, we enjoy talking to customers and look forward to helping in any way we can.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We have to earn your business and your trust. To do this, we treat our customers honestly with customer service that exceeds expectations. However, if you are not completely satisfied, we'll fix it. It's that simple