10-Step PCB Assembly Process

Why we assembly boards so FAST

Step 1: Quotation

After receiving a RFQ, our sales teams carry out action:
Full/ Partial Turnkey Orders
Review required files: BOM files, Gerbers files and XYRS files. Contact PCBs and parts suppliers for pricing. 
Consignment Orders
Review required files: BOM files, Gerbers files and XYRS files. Quotations are delivered within 24 hours.     

Step 2: Inventory parts

Receiving, storing and maintaining exact parts and PCBs inventories is a top priority.
988 Assembly Orders Inventory (Turn-Key)Parts and or PCBs are ordered using customer's BOM files. 988 has dedicated team at Digi-Key and Mouser for part sourcing along with other leading suppliers. We have cooperation with lots PCB fabrication providers. Customer supplies inventory and custom kitting labels are printed from provided BOM files and sent to customers for inventory preparation.
Laser-cut stencils are also used for all projects.
Our attrition rate is very low, but it is safe to provide us a small amount of overages to avoid any delays in assembly.
Passive Devices:
0603 and larger footprints: Add 30% to build quantity plus 30 extra pieces.
0201 and 0402 footprints: Add 100% overage plus 100 extra pieces.
All others add 30% overages.
Under $1.00    - Add 30% overage.
$1.00 - $5.00   - Add one or two pieces.
Over $5.00       - No overage.

Step 3: Virtual Prototypes

Virtual prototypes (or smart pdfs) allow you to see and review manufacturing data through a digital image of your PCBs. It helps to find and fix potential issues before production. It is a free service performed via our proprietary software, BOM Builder.
Full Service Assembly
988 engineers teams check for parts placement and other errors. Pictures will be sent to customers for confirmation. Projects are put on hold until all issues are solved. It minimizes delays during the production process. R&D prototypes engineering is an automated process. Components will be placed per XYRS, BOM files and Gerbers.All components that need to be placed will be placed.                              

Step 4: Preparation for Assembly

The manufacturing team begins the automated, machine-placed assembly process by:
cutting, programming Pick&Place machines. 988 Assembly has a proprietary, automated process which makes us set-up machines in hours rather than days it taken by other providers. Applying solder to the PCBs via customed stencils. When all the paste is done, each board will be thoroughly inspected to verify every pad is adequately covered.

Step 5: Machine-Assemble SMT Parts

988 Assembly uses latest YV100X, YV 100II and YV88X machines to quickly, machine-place all SMT parts. These machines could assemble boards in just a few hours which would normally take an engineer with weeks to complete by hand.
Step 6: Hand - Place Remaining Parts
For complex, large or non-standard SMT parts, 988 Assembly team with highly skilled staff will hand-place individual parts as needed before reflow.

Step 7: Reflow and Post Reflow Inspection

 Once all the components are placed on the boards, each one will be sent into our 10-zone reflow machines.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Boards are carefully inspected for solder short or cold solder joint and repairs are done, if necessary.Then all remaining thru-hole components (DIP) are placed.  

Step 9: Quality Assurance

988 Assembly uses a 400-LD washer and aqueous cleaning system to remove flux from finished boards. Boards are dried and visually inspected by our Quality Assurance team.

Step 10: Packing and Shipping

 All assembled boards are packaged in ESD packaging and shipped via DHL, FedEx or UPS. Any unused components are returned in accordance with customer instructions. Additionally, customers are notified by an email when their packages are shipped.