PCB Assembly FAQ


For turn-key projects, how does 988 Assembly do with parts crossing or substitutions ?

988 firstly checks your BOM files and send the list to you about what we already have in stock. Most of them are low price parts or passive components. We will suggest you how to reduce the BOM cost by parts crossing with your confirmation.

How does 988 order components for Turn-Key projects ?

988 will order volume quantities if the components in your BOM files are regular in case of there is no remains in stock. You will pay less by this way. For uncommon ones in your BOM files, 988 usually orders 5% or 5 to 10 spare parts to ensure that we could complete the whole project on time. If we meet some minimum order (MOQ), we will communicate with you and find a best way to reduce your cost.

What is the lead time for a turn-key project ?

The final lead time is the procurement cycle plus assembly times. However, we will try our best to shorten the lead time by departments cooperation. For example, once we received your gerber file and BOM files, we will carry out preparation for stencil and your outsourcing parts.

Is there a minimum order size for turn-key projects?

No. There is not any restriction on your order size. However, we would like to get your target price to help us find a best solution for your specific requirements.

What should be done with the remaining components for Turn-Key projects ?

We are able to keep your remaining parts in our warehouse for your next project with your confirmation. For your testing or evaluation purposes in your company, you could also order the regular parts from us freely.  

What will be sent for a turn-key project ?

Bill of material, complete information in excel format. It includes manufacturers' name, part number, reference designators, components description,
and quantities.
gerber files
Centroid data
Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable.

What is Centroid data ?

Centroid data (i.e. pick&place or XY data) - It is used for programming machine, which should include: X, Y, side of board (Top and Bottom), and reference designator.

Is 988 able to handle lead-free builds ?

Yes, no-pb only.

Does 988 have X-ray for BGA ?

Yes, we do have the service for BGA X-ray.

Is 988 able to do a partial assembly ?

Yes, we are able to do the partial assembly. 

How should customers supply their components?

Each bag, tray should be clearly marked with the part number,reference designators that is listed on your bill of materials (BOM files).
Components which are sensitive to moisture or static must be according to their storage requirement.
SMT components provided must be sealed tightly or taped firmly. Sending them loose may cause components damage and make the production delay.

How should customers ship their packages to 988 Assembly?

Please mark every packages with your PO number and mail to: 
ShenZhen Jiubaba Electronics Co., Ltd.
 TEL: +86-0755-83151988 83155988   83319549 
 FAX: +86-0755-83114709  
 Mobile: +86-13322982569 13302945988
F3 East, B2, Shenhua Technology Industrial Park, 2nd Meixiu RD.,
 Xia Meilin, Futian District, Shenzhen City, PRC.
Send your requirements to  sales@988pcba.com